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"Don't Count Me Out"
The Dutch Savage Story



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Former professional wrestler & Portland Wrestling star Dutch Savage recounts his career and life in this candid, entertaining 78-minute interview!

Beginning with his early life in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Dutch relives his journey through the ranks of professional wrestling, both as a performer and co-owner of one of the most successful promotions in the history of the sport in the Pacific Northwest! His captivating tales about the personalities he worked with as well as the ups and downs that follow such a lifestyle are sure to surprise and entertain wrestling fans everywhere!

Approximate Time 1 hour 18 minutes

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"The History of Battle Ground, Washington" 


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Beginning with the "battle that wasn't" in 1855, you'll follow the early development of the city, and North Clark County, Washington.

Featuring photos from the book "Battle Ground...In And Around", you'll hear personal insights and memories from author Louise McKay (Allworth) Tucker, as well as early area residents Edna Burgstahler-Valencia (BGHS 1941) and Hazel Koitzsch-Larsen (BGHS 1936), as they bring the history of Battle Ground, Washington to life!

Proudly produced by NW History Hunters, the video includes segments highlighting the early settlers to the "original" Battle Ground through the development of Battle Ground Lake in the 1920's!

Approximate Time 41:30

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"The History of Battle Ground, Washington" Also Available Locally At:

Big Fir Campground
5515 NE 259th Street
Ridgefield, WA




NW History Hunters is dedicated to researching, documenting and preserving the historic legacy of the locales, events and individuals in the Pacific Northwest. Through documents and on-site research, we work to locate sites with local and historical interest. We are members of, and work with various Historical Societies, Museums, Civic Organizations and others, and are indebted to them for the use of their resources and knowledge in our quest!

 While researching documents and records provide important clues to the use and history of individual locations and properties, much more knowledge can be gained through reasonable on-site research. We consult government records, historic maps and other available resources to assist in the location of relevant homes, businesses and other structures and sites. In addition, we supplement this with a search for relics and other items using non-intrusive metal detectors. When locating items in this manner, the utmost care is taken in extracting, identifying and documenting the discovery, paying particular attention to returning the site to pre-search condition. NW History Hunters will not under any circumstances knowingly search a private property without prior permission from the property owner. As many of the sites are now located on private property, we appreciate the access and cooperation provided by those owners; we couldn't continue our mission without your help!

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